Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Saying Hello Again to an old friend.

A new camera. Wait, let me restate that. A NEW CAMERA!!!!!!!

A Nikon D5000 to be specific.
It's middle of the road as far a DSLRs go, but it is still sexy . . . and complicated.

I've neglected photography for a while now. Other than goofing around with a point and shoot digital, I haven't seriously shot anything in years. There is so much to learn and relearn with this equipment. It's daunting and thrilling at the same time.

I held off buying a serious digital for quite some time. I own a 35mm film camera - a late 80s Minolta model - as well as a medium format - OLD model Hasselblad - . No more film to buy, no more chemicals, no more taking over the bathroom for hours at a time. When it comes to digital, I admit I am more than a novice. And working with a photomanagement program? Well, let's say it's going to take some practice.

I am excited to play with my new toy. And already salivating over accessories and lenses. Between those things, software and a new printer, I hope my pocketbook can handle it.

I am anticipating a renewal of passion for being behind the lense. Be prepared for a peppering of photos found here while I stretch out my creative muscles and get back into the swing of things.

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